On What Occasions Sarees are Offered to The Hindu Goddess?


In India each of the festival and puja has got deepest level of meaning attached to it. Though there are various festivals in India but people love worshiping goddess on prominent days or to do auspicious beginnings. Every state of India has a different unique way to worship goddess and seek blessings.

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Oti Bharane

As per the traditional rituals of India whenever there is prayers done to the goddess a right kind of fresh vegetarian food should be prepared and in clothes called “Vastra” should be offered to the goddess.


According to the traditions the offering of saree ritual is also called as Oti Bharana. The offering is usually done to awaken spiritually and seek blessings. Before any kind of good start too sarees are offered. Generally when it comes to offering the sarees to the Goddess the material that has to be chosen should be soft and you can select it from cotton or silk. When we talk about the customary rituals of Oti Bharana only married female have officially right do the rituals. You might have seen that the blouse piece is offered in a triangle shape. The triangle shape represents three deities that have created the world. As part of customary rituals even coconut with the saree too is offered.

Generally people love to offer nine yard sarees to the goddess because to denote respect to the nine avatars of the goddess. The nine yard sarees are also offered to seek inner strength from the goddess.

Durga Puja of 10 Days Also called as Bhagabati Puja:- In the celebration of 10 days the idols are beautifully decorated and the goddess new sarees are being decked up before their immersion in water. This beautiful festival is also celebrated the inner strength of women and victory of good over evil. In order to decorate the idols you will see that often dark colors are being chosen and the idols of Goddess Durga are beautifully decked up with jewelry. As a part of humble gesture even many women gift each other sarees. Bengalis celebrate this festival.


Basant Panchami:- Basically this is the festival dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati basically this festival is celebrated before the arrival of spring. In this festival the first chance of offering prayers is given to newly married couples.  The sarees are offered to the goddess and as a part of paying homage many women also get decked up in yellow sarees. As Goddess Saraswati is associated with the arts, the newer siblings or young children are thought to write as a part of ritual.

Basant Panchami

Jagratas:- Basically they are being done for celebrating special moments or occasions. In this ritual all night long there is aarti, shlokas and Bhajans of goddess. To give that special tribute bright red colored sarees are being offered to the Sherawali goddess.


When it comes to celebrations of festivals or gala events you would see a vast unity among people. Till date many traditions are preserved and very well followed. The divine blessings of goddess and affection are tremendous thus it makes worth to show our great tribute and respect to the goddess.

The Luminescence of Banarasi Silk: Types, Fabrics, Designs and Matching Blouses

The saree derives its name from the oldest city in the world-‘Banaras’, located on the banks of the River Ganges. This city was formed in the 11th century BC in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, India. This type of sarees is one of the finest in India and is traditionally made only in the land of Banaras. Though this type of sarees has emerged hundreds of years ago, still the top-class designers in Bollywood incorporates this style in their bridal collections to bring to enhance the glam factor.

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The Origin of Banarasi Sarees

The Banarasi sarees came into existence during the Mughal era. It was during that time that various craftsmen chose the city of Banaras to give vent to their creative flair and started weaving Banarasi sarees. The blending of various motifs such as Kalka, bel, jhallar, floral, and foliate is a characteristic feature of the Banarasi sarees. Weaving a Banarasi saree is a work that takes much labor. It takes between fifteen days to a month to weave one saree. Sometimes, it takes up to six months of time to create a single piece of saree.

Fabrics of Banarasi Sarees

You have often heard ‘banarasi silk.’ But it might interest you that banarasi sarees are available in other fabrics too. In this article, we will discuss the fabrics of banarasi sarees.

1. Katan (Pure Silk)

These days, the banarasi sarees made of Katan or pure silk are made of using a loom. But previously, they were hand woven. The plain fabric of Katan forms an excellent base for weaving Banarasi design, given the inherent luster of the fabric.

2. Shattir

This is the choice of contemporary designers for Banarasi. It is the fabric for modern banarasi sarees.

3. Kora

Kora is yet another fabric that is widely used for weaving Banarasi sarees. It is not as pricy as pure silks and has a textured look. The golden and silver Zari threads indeed look fabulous on Kora fabrics.

4. Georgette

Georgette is a light and flowy fabric that is made from threads of silk. Real georgette is highly priced, and it made a very good canvas for weaving Banarasi fabrics.

Designs of Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees are also classified based on the designs that are woven on them.

a. Jangla

Jangla is a kind of vegetation, and this motif is one of the oldest ones and has a classic look to it. The jangla banarasi sarees look regal as they are embellished with heavy weaving of the zari threads that run across the entire length of the saree.

b. Tanchoi

The Tanchoi style characterizes heavy weaving of paisleys in a labyrinth. These sarees are inordinately beautiful and are often worn by women to weddings.

c. Cutwork

These sarees are made by using cutwork techniques on the sarees. These sarees are not as expensive as other variants on this list. This kind of saree is basically a lesser version of Jamdani with Zari works with motifs like jasmine, marigold, creepers, etc.

d. Bootadar

This is by far the most popularly preferred motifs by women. Threads of rich gold and silver frequent this type of sarees throughout the rich and dense weavings. The common motifs that are used on the buttadar sarees are Latiffa Butti, Angoor Bail, Resham Butti, Jhumar Butti, Baluchar butti among various other popular motifs that are loved and revered by women across India.

Blouses to Pair with Banarasi Sarees

A saree without a good-looking blouse is incomplete. Here are a few types of Blouses that look great with banarasi sarees.

  • Embroidered Blouse
  • Full Sleeve Silk Blouse
  • Sleeveless Blouse with Boat Neck
  • Elbow Length Blouse with Matching Border

Must Have in Wardrobe are Ultra Classy Traditional Sarees!

A woman’s wardrobe is her prized possession and her saree collection needs to always be on point. We understand how the various cultures and styles present in one single country can make you confused with endless choices which are why we have made a list of must-have sarees from across the country belonging to different cultures:


  1. Taant Saree- West Bengal

In many parts of India these sarees are worn as a daily outfit. The saree is typically found in red border and white base and is also worn on special occasions in the community. The simple yet elegant saree is a must have in your saree collection.


  1. Settu Saree- Kerala

Settu Saree is also commonly known as Kadavu saree and is highly popular across the country for its evergreen style. Trends may come and go but the white saree with golden border remains to be a classic favourite for every event. In a traditional Kerala saree the threads are woven of real gold. To keep up with the times, the saree can be found in various colours as well.


  1. Bomkai Saree- Odisha

Risch is traditional art work, the bomkai or Sonepuri saree is designed with ikat embroidery and intricate thread work. The sarees are comfortable to carry and can be found in silk and cotton fabric.


  1. Paithani Saree- Maharashtra

Pride of all the women of Maharashtra is the Paithani saree. The saree is found in silk fabric and is full of fine motifs. The specialty is its recurrent peacock design on the pallu. The saree is complete with its golden border and is available is vibrant colour combinations.paithani-saree

  1. Kanjirvaram Saree- Tamil Nadu

Every woman dreams of owning a beautiful Kanjeevaram saree and we aren’t surprised why! The saree is traditionally woven in silk in Kanjeevaram itself. These are known for its elegance and grace. The fine border work is sure to make you fall in love with this piece of nine-yards.


  1. Bandani Saree- Gujarat

A bandani saree has a beautiful meaning for its name which a very few people know. Bandani, the word is derived from ‘bandhan’ which means ties. This refers to the process of making the saree through the tie and dye method. The saree is commonly found as a regular wear item in Gujarat as well as Rajasthan.


  1. Banarasi saree- Varanasi

A banarasi saree can be spotted every now and then on a red carpet worn by a celebrity. The saree’s beauty lies in its gold and silver zari designs and motifs. Originally a symbol for royalty, the banarasi saree was made only in real gold and silver threads. It would take almost a year or more to finish these finely weaved sarees. Now of course we can find varieties depending on one’s budget.



  1. Chanderi Saree- Madhya Pradesh

With the combination of silk, zari and cotton, Madhya Pradesh has mastered the art of creating a fabric lighter than even a feather. The saree is perfect for youngsters or fussy saree-wearers as the saree is easy to pull off and the royal sheen looks gorgeous just the way it is.


Anarkali suits:- Your Alluring Mate to Shine like Diva!


When you wish to look like a perfect ethnic chic, Anarkali suits are next best thing to add to your trousseau. Not just they are easy to wear, the adorning flares do appeal our heart and mind in one glance. The exemplary necklines and artistic embroidery work reflects exquisite craftsmanship. There are myriad reasons to opt for Anarkali salwar suits, some of them are as follows:-

Visual appearance: – Anarkali suits have flared nature that could turned out be the most voluminous trousseau. In the recent times, you also get full long voluminous anarkali suits.

Different types of work: – Not just different silhouettes, Anarkali Suits do have variety of designs like stone work, resham work, zari work which could be even worn in weddings.

Infused shades and designs: – The well said fact about anarkali suits is that they became one of the popular options during mughal times, with rising demands the different colors are ought to bring in charismatic effect.

Light weighed Anarkali salwar suits: – Compared to other things, the light weighed anarkali suits could be comfortable to give you that extra moves and grooves.

Zari work embroidery Anarkali suits: – In India, it’s all about celebrating together. When you wish to grace up your ethnic occasions, Zari Work embroidery anarkali suits will be a perfect option.

Easy to care and maintain: – The best part of Anarkali suits that they give you easy wearablity. When you wish to steal the look from the runaway trends, Anarkali suits with floral motifs would be the most feasible option.

Over layered Anarkali suits: – As the seasons are bringing in, more festivals are coming on our way. When you wish to keep the look over the edge, the layered style anarkali suits will be a perfect option to add galore to your outfit.

Golden work embroidery suits: – One of the smart reasons of co-existence of this trend of anarkali suits take us to nostalgic stage and give us refined look of embroidery.

Big lace Anarkali suits:- When you wish to entice your overall ethnic look, the broad laced anarkali suits could be most versatile option.

Color pop anarkali suits: – The variations of shades available on online stores will attract your heart and mind in one glance. Feasibility of prices is another advantage of shopping from online stores.

Mirror work anarkali suits:- The different necklines and enriched mirror work done up on anarkali suits gives an excellent precision of craftsmanship. These anarkali suits could give an perfect charm and elegance with minimalistic efforts.

Designer bollywood Anarkali suits:- The bollywood divas do like to keep an upbeat in fashion and there is nothing wrong to follow them. The different sizes available on online stores could easily pamper well to your needs. You could easily shop for trending styles and designs.